The importance and the rainbow

In science. We will see a rainbow. After it stops raining. And the stories of other cultures. Each theory has its own culture, are used to describe the “rainbow” and called many different tongues sun. The Way of the dead shirt line bridge of the solar deity. The Way of the Gods Thunderbolts. Bridge connecting earth and heaven. The heavens. (The bow of God.

** The Bible says that the rainbow.
A commitment or a promise of God to the world is that all living species. Not be destroyed by a flood again.
Although the rainbow appears in the narrative. Supernatural beliefs. And even religion. But it was a simple reason. To make it happen. Rainbow is the result of light refracted and reflected from raindrops. In the primary rainbow. Outside the red end. And the purple is in the band. Secondary rainbow. It is lighter than the color. And also that it is beyond or outside of the primary beam in rainbow secondary rainbow is exposed to rain in the higher latitude and the primary. Reflected twice. This makes it lighter than the color of the rainbow and secondary colors are ordered back to the rainbow. Primary colors are red and purple on the inside with the outside of the block.

** Color of the rainbow.
Colors of the rainbow are also important in the story as well. Some people believe that. If any color in the rainbow or featured prominently observed to be significantly different as the red light means war. Green means abundance. And yellow means death. This belief still common today. But before culture. Because of the limitations of science. Those people do not know that the color that occurs as a result of refraction and reflection. The light of the sun in the rain.

**Rainbow  happen.
Understood by the sun consists of various combinations of light and the motion of these waves. The distance between the head wave. The difference in the color of light is called the wavelength. Different wavelengths to different colors. Red and yellow wavelengths than the light blue and purple. The combination of light and color. White light or sunlight can cause the rainbow that we are called to it.
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